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Stomped Tofu and Dessert
Stomped Tofu and Dessert
Stomped Tofu and Dessert

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GA - Geijutsa Art Design Class
Sonntag, 29. August 2010 @ 02:27

Currently watching this Anime.
Its kinda funny and I thought it would be realy cool if Design schools were realy a bit like that.
Cause we don't seem to have anything like this here I was very sad.My best friend is on another school learning bout designs,or trys,I dunno,cause I was on a information day there and it wasn't like anything I expected,even she said that.
oh well I show you some funny pictogramm pics from the Anime,even thought the anime seems to be childish you still learn some things bout design or at least some techniques.
yup,its about art design class ,like in the title said,,the characters are chibi kids learning how to design thing.

As you can see the ideas for pictogramms are very different ...and rather silly!That man thereis the teacher.